We  prepare Chapter 7 Bankruptcy paperwork to eliminate credit card debt, automobile repossession debts, medical debts, and most other debts that you are unable to pay

There is a requirement for you to complete Pre-Filing  Credit Counseling for  your case.There is also a requirement for you to complete a Post-Filing  Education Course.  Our fees do not include the filing fees charged by the court or the fees for  Credit Counseling and Debt Education Course

Court Fees

The court charges a fee for filing cases. The court fee is paid directly to the court at the time of filing. The court fee for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $335.00.

Payment Options

The bankruptcy court offers three options for payment. We will ask you how you plan to pay the fee. The options are:

Pay the fee in full at the time of filing

Pay the fee in payments

Ask the court to waive its fee